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100 Words about Baseball

  • Why I Love Baseball
    There is no clock
    90 feet between bases is genius
    There are secret signs
    Hanging curveballs are sexy
    Numbers are magic: 755, 56, 7, 61, 1.12
    Tinker to Evers to Chance
    Ivy at Wrigley
    The Green Monster
    The suicide squeeze
    Cracker Jack
    Walt Whitman liked it
    Jackie Robinson and Pee-Wee Reese
    It just feels American
    The seventh-inning stretch
    Guys in tight pants
    Bull Durham
    There’s no crying in baseball
    A great play at the plate
    High socks
    Spring training
    Keeping score
    The rubber game
    The infield fly rule
    162 chances

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Hey, I've been wondering about that, I'm glad to hear that the working diagnosis is now much less scary. I feel for you though, I know how hard it is to have loved ones in the hospital. I hope they can get the secretory part of the sac out and resolve this for him forever!!! Please do update when he's in recovery!

Now, about that lottery ticket... !!!! Hopefully it's enough money to cover his lost work time... :)


I had wondered how he was doing. I'm glad the diagnosis appears to be something more benign. Good thoughts are on their way.

As for the lottery--that's hillarious. Your brother must have done something karmically good in this life or another. ;)


Thanks for the good thoughts webhill and calliaz!

The lottery money wasn't much. I mean, it was several thousand, so significant to the average person (like me!), but not really a big deal to him. Even before tax, the winnings amount to not much more than his average monthly cell phone bill, if that puts things in perspective.


Glad to hear that the diagnosis was much less scary than before, and that the surgery went so well! Hope he has a quick recovery, and that the cyst stays nice and empty...

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