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100 Words about Baseball

  • Why I Love Baseball
    There is no clock
    90 feet between bases is genius
    There are secret signs
    Hanging curveballs are sexy
    Numbers are magic: 755, 56, 7, 61, 1.12
    Tinker to Evers to Chance
    Ivy at Wrigley
    The Green Monster
    The suicide squeeze
    Cracker Jack
    Walt Whitman liked it
    Jackie Robinson and Pee-Wee Reese
    It just feels American
    The seventh-inning stretch
    Guys in tight pants
    Bull Durham
    There’s no crying in baseball
    A great play at the plate
    High socks
    Spring training
    Keeping score
    The rubber game
    The infield fly rule
    162 chances

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How funny. I just dissed the pregame show in my LJ today.


Yep, I saw that. As is typical for me, this post began last night as an email, then I read and that reminded me that I should probably say something about the Super Bowl...but why reinvent the wheel, KWIM? Cut, paste, voila. That's me -- the lazy blogger. :)

I didn't watch the entire pre-game -- just the MVP walk and as much of the National Anthem as I could bear. I'll have to go back and see just how bad the Stevie Wonder part was.

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