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I feel in bio-limbo given that I'm pursuing a divorce, but the paperwork hasn't even started yet and my soon-to-be-ex hasn't moved out. Even amid the flux, there are some precious constants. I have the most wonderful son a person could hope for. I have great friends who support me and love me. I have a terrific job doing terrific work. And I have a bright future, on that point I am sure. My job takes me around the country and sometimes around the world and when I'm not working I can be found running, or with my nose in a book, or just gazing at the moon. I live in Upstate New York where I can be found bitterly complaining about the bitter cold for many months of the year and acting as a bad influence to dozens.


poetry, writing, reading, makeup, running, inclusion, decorating, shopping, magazines, baseball, travel, fine hotels, obsessive trip planning, David Sedaris, reflection, Anthropologie, feats of engineering, Seinfeld, quote collecting, knitting, scrapbooking, handbags