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100 Words about Baseball

  • Why I Love Baseball
    There is no clock
    90 feet between bases is genius
    There are secret signs
    Hanging curveballs are sexy
    Numbers are magic: 755, 56, 7, 61, 1.12
    Tinker to Evers to Chance
    Ivy at Wrigley
    The Green Monster
    The suicide squeeze
    Cracker Jack
    Walt Whitman liked it
    Jackie Robinson and Pee-Wee Reese
    It just feels American
    The seventh-inning stretch
    Guys in tight pants
    Bull Durham
    There’s no crying in baseball
    A great play at the plate
    High socks
    Spring training
    Keeping score
    The rubber game
    The infield fly rule
    162 chances

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Ann Handley

You must be a good friend... because you didn't call him "Mark" once!

Mack is a total smarty-pants... what a very nice valentine to him.


This is why blogging is so cool, someone from rural Alabama that would otherwise have no voice whatsoever, can masquerade as a total smarty-pants on the internet ;) Thanks for the kind words, Tara forgot to mention that she is totally brilliant and I'm glad I found her blog, since we need more smart people blogging, right Ann? ;)

BTW I remember you left a comment on Daily Fix about reading that post didn't you? Because I wondered 'who is Tara and how does she know me?' lol Small world indeed.


@Ann - funny, because I initially wrote something like "and no, that isn't a typo, I don't mean 'Mark'" but then I brought up The Donnas and I didn't want to make two inside jokes, so Mark bit the dust.


@Mack - it's a lot easier to masquerade as a total smarty-pants when you actually ARE a total smarty-pants!


Isn't it cute how the 'Twitter generation' leaves comments? ;)


@Mack - you know, I did the @ automatically. Guess I'm really Twitterfied. :)

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